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Humble Beginnings

In 2014, we began exploring the idea of owning a food truck out of a desire to spend more time with each other and our 3 growing kids, Breanna, Aaron II, and Zahria, and have more flexibility and control over our future. We had no idea about the amount of time we would actually spend working! LOL Aaron’s 20+ years of restaurant experience and Lakita’s 15 years as a Small Business Consultant for a Fortune 50 Company were the perfect combination for a small business, so we decided to pursue it by testing our ideas with our family and friends.

After months of testing and research, we decided that potatoes were extremely underrated and underutilized. It was important for us to offer something that felt like us, like home, but also could be enjoyed by the masses and so The Crab Pot Potato was born. Born and raised on the Northside of Jacksonville, Florida (DUUUUUUVALLLL!), we love and appreciated the love our city had for blue crabs and “crab pots.” These crab pots played such a huge role in our lives that we had to do what had never been done, put a crab pot in a potato! We shared this with our friends and family and they in turn shared it with social media and people lost it! It was then, we knew we had something!


Fluent in all things potatoes, our passion for quality yet innovative food motivates us to consistently create new menu items that our customers love


To be of great service to our community.


Delivering exceptional service while providing mouthwatering potato options paired with innovative, foodie approved toppings.

Sit-Down Restaurant

We have a sit-down restaurant open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-7pm. We are located inside the Regency Square Mall Food Court. Please come experience Mr. Potato Spread or just drop by to say “hello“. Address: 9501 Arlington Expressway, Jacsonville, FL.

High Quality Catering

We are not limited to just potatoes. We offer Corporate Catering, Event Catering Pick-up Options and Special Event Catering. Let Mr. Potato Spread take care of all of your catering needs. Whether you have a family potluck or office party coming up we got you covered. Let us take away the stress of cooking and handle that for you. Tired of the same “catering options” for your office parties? Convince your boss to book Mr. Potato Spread for your next event.

Delivery to Homes & Businesses

We have our own delivery drivers and deliver to your home or business. Higher Minimums apply for customers more than 12 miles away from our location. Group ordering is available for large groups that require individual payments.


Our Food Truck Location schedule is posted weekly, as well as daily on all social media platforms. We do allow pre-orders for our food truck locations. Pre-order ahead to beat the lunch rush. Be sure you are following us on social media to stay updated @mrpotatospread.

When Passion Meets Purpose

It is already written

Although initially our plan was to have a food truck, it was another business owner that encouraged us to test the market before investing our life savings into this idea. While working in corporate America, Lakita knew the first thing everyone discussed every morning was “what’s for lunch” so we decided that workplace delivery was the answer. It had always been unacceptable to eat crabs at work, but we could offer a way to do it, with no mess. Things were starting to fall into place and we began delivering to local businesses all over the city. We obtained our license, worked out of a local commissary and starting delivering!

After 2 years of offering workplace delivery,  our truck was finished and we now had a way for customers that didn’t work or wanted to come to us. The process for our truck build-out was a nightmare. We obtained our license 2 days after we picked up our truck and 2 days after that we had a large food truck competition to attend. We won Most Innovative and begin booking our truck at many of the local businesses that we delivered to and gained a huge food truck following. We continued to offer delivery while the food truck serviced customers at their workplaces, but people still wanted a consistent pick-up location. In 2019, that dream became a reality with the opening of our Regency Square Mall location.

Today, we continue to offer workplace delivery, service customers with our food truck, offer pick-up from our restaurant in Regency Square Mall and have expanded to offering full-service and drop-off catering. Today, our menu includes all things potatoes like sweet potatoes, fries (white and sweet), tater tots (white and sweet), mashed potatoes and more! We are focusing on expansion and growth and look forward to serving customers in more areas across the country in the near future.

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